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Framed prints, mugs, teeshirts, etc.

Scientific Pictures

Science graphics and animations.

FREE Calculators

Scientific and fun. Most popular:

Powers (exponents)



Striking Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and valuable regular domains. 𒊹.com

4K Videos to Watch

Free to watch scientific animations, many expand to screen-filling 4K (UHD).

Fabrics & Wallpaper

Designs for home and craft and creators.


Shortest Domain

My oldest site is, originally famous for its images, but is now known for its calculators and animations. 3D (stereo) images at

Fiction.Red has books, book retailers and blog. Scientific pictures are at Virus graphics at VIRION.NET.

Animations at RKMEDIA.NET or RKMEDIA.TV.

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Follow me on: Instagram, Twitter X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, BookBub, Amazon, GoodReads.

Representation by Science Photo Library

My agents for all sales & licenses worldwide SPL.

Fashion: EST MODA & 56 MODA

EST.MODA ( showcases fashion designs. ID.EST.MODA ( highlights deep and psychological fashion themes. ITEMS.EST.MODA ( has fashion items. VEGAN.EST.MODA has vegan and plant-based designs.

56.MODA ( for architectural examples and decor. AREA.56.MODA ( for UFO & Flying saucer designs.