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Qualia, Pierce, & the Time Ship: A Marriage in Four Parts

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Qualia is an elderly widow, dying alone in her bedroom. Suddenly, she’s a young housewife in a psychiatrist’s office, explaining how she’s hearing voices in the walls of her house—and how her husband, Pierce, is ignoring her. There’s something wrong with her world. No one wants to take her money, except for her disbelieving psychiatrist—and Pierce pays for him. Did Pierce write the book to drive her mad? Is her doctor gaslighting her? Can she trust anyone except the talking walls? Bit by bit, she peels open the mystery. Then it’s Pierce’s turn…

The metafictional love child of TIME AERIALS and YESTERDAY MAKERS, this novel takes you down a rabbit hole of nested realities, perversions, illusions, and time travel. Marriage therapy has never been so expensive or weird or twisted. But it’s a bumpy ride to awareness.

183 pages.
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